Process Servers

We are knowledgeable and experienced process servers ready to serve individuals and business entities in Kuwait.
We save your precious time and money by properly serving judicial and non-judicial documents to anyone, anywhere in Kuwait in accordance with the local laws as well as the laws of the country where documents originated from. We have assisted law firms as well as private clients in serving thousands of legal documents all over the world. We very much understand the costs and implications of an incorrect process serving and would only provide you with options that will hold ground should the service be challenged at a later date in the court.
By tracking legal changes and current events, our Kuwait process servers understand the best ways to serve documents in a legally compliant way.

This information is not legal advice. Bring any specific questions to us via email and we would give you case specific information and price quote.

To begin an international process service assignment to Kuwait, we will need the following:
  • PDF versions of service documents uploaded to our website (click here to begin)
  • Your defendant’s name, an up-to-date address for service, your preferred speed and method of service (formal, informal, etc.)

Please discuss with us for most recent advice for each country.

Process Serving Options for Kuwait


Please check with us on the latest status of Kuwait being a signatory to the Hague Service Convention or Hague Evidence Convention.
We would also be happy to discuss with you any declarations by Kuwait on various articles of the Hague Conventions.


Informal service is available in several countries which are or are not signatory to the Hague convention. Most countries around the world allow informal service of process, with exception of a few. Please discuss with us if Kuwait raises any objection to informal service.


For formal service of process, most non-English speaking countries require the documents to be translated into one of their official languages. Always rely on a professional for translating legal documents as even a tiny error can have drastic impact on legal enforceability of the matter.

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