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Service of Process

Entrust your International Service of Process needs to Stellar Konsulting’s network of professional process servers with over 30 years of expertise in all methods of service of process abroad to ensure successful results in any location around the world.


Hague Service of Process

The Hague Convention of 15 November 1965 on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters (HCCH 1965 Service Convention) provides for the channels of transmission to be used when a judicial or extrajudicial document is to be transmitted from one Contracting Party to the Convention to another Contracting Party for service in the latter. The Convention establishes a main channel of transmission via a designated Central Authority, as well as alternative channels of transmission. The Convention deals primarily with the expedient transmission of documents; it does not address or comprise substantive rules relating to the actual service of process.

We assist with preparing the Hague service applications which comply with the relevant requirements of the convention and also those of the relevant countries. For instance, Mexico requires all documents to be sent in triplicate in contrast to most other countries which require the documents to be in duplicate. If you send an application to Mexico in duplicate, they might respond after several months rejecting the application on the grounds that basic requirements were not met. Consider the time that would be lost because of this. Similarly, there are several difficulties encountered when trying to effect a Hague serve of US documents in Venezuela. We are experts in this area and can help save you time and money.

We provide solutions to your specific needs.

Informal Service of Process

In cross-country service of process, informal service might be the only way available to serve a defendant in some scenarios including where you do not have several months available to wait for the Hague service. It is also an acceptable mode of service where the court of original jurisdiction accepts it as a valid service, or in case of non judicial papers.

For local process (for instance where the plaintiff, defendant and the Court are all located within the same country, informal service of process is an accepted mode of service. All Australian, US, UK and Canadian courts accept informal mode of service for serving judicial documents within the respective countries.

We also have a strong operational coverage in major global Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs) so if the defendant you are chasing is located in these places, you can rely on us for service of process upon them.

As a member of the Association of British Investigators, the only professional investigations association fully endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales, you can be rest assured as to the professionalism and quality of service which you will get.

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Letters Rogatory

Some countries are not a signatory to the Hague convention for service of documents. If any judicial documents are to be served in such a country, the only mode available might be via a letter rogatory. A letter rogatory is a request from a court in a country to a court in another country to assist with service documents in that later country. In some cases, the applications have to be routed via diplomatic channels. We can assist you with the letters rogatory however the process takes about a year from start to end.